Winner of the 2012 Pittman Innovation Award!

H2Out® Systems, is a leader in developing reusable products and systems for water adsorption technology, manufactured in Washington State, USA. H2Out® Systems prevent water contamination in fuels, fluids and interior spaces. H2Out® Systems will save money in maintenance costs and corrosion damage, while helping meet the need for renewable products.

Pindell Engineering, Inc is an innovator and manufacturer of high quality, user designed water adsorption products for the Commercial, Industrial and Consumer Markets and is made in the USA. Water creates the mildew, mold, odor, and corrosion and facilitates development of sludge in fuel tanks and fluid systems that can cause catastrophic engine and equipment failure. H2Out® Systems are the first line of defense.

We are proud to be the Canadian distributor of environmentally safe products that lasts longer than the machinery they are used to protect.