H2Out® Engineers are innovators and manufacturers of user designed, quality, USA Made, water adsorption products for the Commercial, Industrial and Consumer Markets. Water creates the mildew, mold, odor, and corrosion and facilitates development of sludge in fuel tank and fluid systems that cause catastrophic engine and equipment failure.  H2Out® Systems are the first line of defense.

In today’s economic world we are proud that we are an entrepreneur driven, American manufacturer of environmentally safe products that have infinite life. These products should last longer than the machinery they are used to protect.

Mission Statement
To manufacture durable, environmentally sound products that prevent water contamination in fuel, hydraulic fluids and interior spaces, reducing waste and saving money for our customers.  

Vision Statement
H2Out® is committed to building a strong and sustainable economic community on the Olympic Peninsula through our manufacturing business. To create well-crafted and durable products that save money for our customers and save our planet for future generations.


H2Out® Systems was founded in 2009 when Richard Pindell was inspired to create products that utilize the technology that NASA used during the Apollo missions to keep moisture damage out of spacecraft.  Other competitor products protect fuels and fluids from water but not water vapor entering air vents. The first product line developed was the H2Out® AVD 2 & 3 for Sail Boats, Power Boars and Trawlers to prevent tank and engine failure. 

Today’s product line includes the next generation H2Out®  AVD (Fuel Air Vent Dryer), H2Out® SD (Space Dryer) and H2Out®  HD (Hydraulic Dryers) in a number of sizes for the intended use.