Next generation H2Out™ Air Vent Dryers

Next generation H2Out™ Air Vent Dryers (AVD), prevent water vapor from entering the fuel tank, eliminating water condensation from contaminating the fuel, saving you money from damaged fuel systems, clogged filters and possible engine failure. All engineers will agree that water in a fuel tank is a disaster in progress. It is the water that creates the conditions allowing for corrosion to occur and sludge to develop inside the fuel tank.

Additives don't prevent water contamination, H2Out™ does, by drying the air on its way into the fuel tank through the air vent. For every 7.5 gallons of fuel you burn you just created 1 cubic foot of air space inside the fuel tank. H2Out™ dries that air, before it enters your tank."

H2Out™ Air Vent Dryers are designed for Sail Boats, Trawlers, Yachts, Emergency Vehicles, and Fuel Storage Tanks

H2Out™ AVD filters are Environmentally - Friendly and Infinitely Reusable and Renewable.

Simply install the H2Out™ AVD in the Fuel Tank Air Vent Line and Be Safe, Not Sorry.

Reactivate when the medium turns from blue to pink. Simply take the H2Out™ Crystals out of the unit.  Poor into a oven proof pan. (Caution, poor slowly!!  Crystals are bouncy).  Heat in an oven for 60 minutes at 250º F (120º C). The pink will disappear and be blue again.

Coming Soon - Next generation H2Out™ Hydraulic Dryer

Next generation H2Out™ Hydraulic Dryer (HD) prevents water vapor from entering the fluid reservoir, saving money from damaged hydraulic systems, reducing down time and helping to prevent equipment failures. H2Out™ HD Systems are manufactured in several standard sizes and can be custom manufactured to client specifications.