H2Out® SD (Space Dryers) Portable Dehumidifiers.  These renewable dehumidifiers are perfect for Boats, Rv's and campers, tackle boxes, gun safes, gear bags, sport bags.  Anywhere that you find moisture a problem.  Simply place the properly sized SD in the area you wish to keep dry.  Moisture will be attracted to the SD and be removed from the air, drying out that space.  H2Out® Space Dryers protect interior spaces from mildew, fungus, mold and odor.  And will help eliminate rust, corrosion, oxidation and tarnish on electronics, equipment, tools, tool boxes and more. In addition, H2Out Space Dryers can be used year round, won't spill or leak to damage interiors or upholstery.


The crystals inside Start off blue, once they become saturated with moisture, they start to turn pink.  This way you know they are working.  After about 4-6 weeks, the whole Space Dryer should be full.    Just place the unit into a electric heat source at 300º f  (141ºC) for 2 hours to dry it out.  CAUTION, PRODUCT WILL BE HOT!  Once cooled, Place it back on the shelf to use again and again.

With gas ovens, gas emits vapor. Place the Space Dryer in a large pot or pan on med-low on the stove top and cover.  This will act like a Dutch Oven and produce a dry heat.  Occasionally lift the lid to allow the steam to escape.


H2Out® AVD (Fuel Air Vent Dryers)

Water in the fuel systems has always been an leading cause of break downs when you are on the water.  As your tank breaths, it draws in water vapor.  This vapor collects in the bottom of your fuel tank as water, contaminating your fuel.

With the AVD (Air Vent Dryer) installed in the vent line of fuel tank. The AVD traps the vapor from the air,  leaving only dry air.  With no vapor to form water,  there is nothing to contaminate your fuel.

We recommend that recharge your AVD in the beginning and at the end of each boating season.

Should the Crystals become contaminated with fuel.  Replace the crystals.